Dragon Ball Limit Breakers

Dragon Ball Limit Breakers is a Xenoverse Style T-1/Novelia level Roleplay that allows you to transcend the barriers, whether or not your goal is to simply survive in this new world or write your name in history as a legendary God.
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 Lettcio The Hero of Hope. WIP CAC

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PostSubject: Lettcio The Hero of Hope. WIP CAC   Lettcio The Hero of Hope. WIP CAC EmptyWed Nov 14, 2018 10:18 pm




Hero Of Hope.








Build, skin colour, possibly hair for human-like characters, etc

Personaliy & Traits:

Lettcio is a hero of hope, meaning he is pure of heart and heroic at most moment's. He is respectful and fights for the greatest of people, his loyalship to an ally is one of his greatest feat. The extent he would go for respect, honor, or even to end a rivalry is his favoritable feats. Overall an unaverage Saiyan who acts like a knight more than a saiyan.


There might be warrior's above me, higher, and more capable than me in any form of strength. However I will still aim to fight among the gods. I will be strong, I will be a hero, I WILL BE THE HERO OF HOPE!!!!!


Heroes of Hope

If part of an organization or military possibly also rank

[Insert Image Here]

Background/Character History

Lettcio was a saiyan originated on a far different planet, which sadly was destroy due to their complicated and destructive government. They were elite warriors with a job to protect the planet from chaos and defend their planet from destroyer's. They succeeded and were titled as Heroes of Hope. Not to be confused with the Super Saiyan God's story, but they were just as fierced. They had the power of Super Saiyan 3 to defed their planet, which was full of savage and ruthless Acrosian's. Lettcio was a recruit at the time and struggled to achieve his transformation's. He was forced to get off the planet to survive, his captain of the team gave him an outfit similar to their's, then he took off to watch the massacere and chaos of his planet ending in ruins. Lettcio survived, the saiyan's in the explosion were unable to get off as the government was forced into shutting down all space pods. Sad and struggling, Lettcio was still flying in deep space, soon setting into deep sleep and crashing on Earth. Lettcio was a smart saiyan, which he used his knowledge to help him survive, not making his presence completely known. This was a beginning of his long and challenge story.

Combat Info


Lettcio uses a mixture of Martial Arts and his saiyan instincts to combat his foes. He utilizes his ki as best as he could, making his ki apart of his body like a weapon. Creating ki blades to different parts of his body to aid him in fighting.


Does your character use any weapons? If so, list them here.

He does use weapons in a certain way, usually making them ki spikes or blades from his hand, feet, fist, or even as an aura blade.


Basic Ki Control, Flight, Ki Sense.

Special Abilities

Zenkai Boost's, Saiyan Genetics, S-Cells, and Combat Prodigy


Great Ape

Super Saiyan forms, natural body change skills, etc

[Insert Transformation Image Here]

Final Edge - Similar to a Final Shine Attack, however the user afterimage's around the opponent and then strikes their attack as a wave behind them.
Galick Gun - A purple energy wave consisted of Ki and first shown by Vegeta.
Atomic Sword - A green blade consisted of afterimage's and striking the opponent between the afterimage's. Finishing with a slash from side to side.
Final Bang - A single handed beam which Lettcio uses similar to Majin's Vegeta Atomic Blast.
Character Level
Level 3

Character Level Points

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Lettcio The Hero of Hope. WIP CAC
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