Dragon Ball Limit Breakers

Dragon Ball Limit Breakers is a Xenoverse Style T-1/Novelia level Roleplay that allows you to transcend the barriers, whether or not your goal is to simply survive in this new world or write your name in history as a legendary God.
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 Android Nine

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“You must truly be an idiot..”

“If I draw my blade, then the hour of turning back is nigh”.

“Unless you take every opportunity to attack me that you can, your body will become a lifeless corpse”.

“If you think for a second that you can relax because you have me outnumbered, then you are sorely mistaken”.

“Honor only exist on a battlefield between equals, with my power far exceeding your own, you are nothing more than cattle at a slaughterhouse”.

“It appears that you think that because you have just a single idea of how to defeat me, you are going to automatically win this fight, well allow me to assure you that you have never been more wrong.”

“You seem to believe that my abilities alone are what make me such a powerful combatant, well safeguard against them all you like, create all the elaborate plans that you can, but know that you can never prepare enough, because my strength alone is enough to undo all of your schemes.”

Android Nine MadaraBioTabUchiha_zps4c2ce95e
Android Nine’s Main Theme
Android Nine’s Pre-Battle Theme
Android Nine’s Battle Theme

Character Name: Android (アンドロイド Andorodio) Nine (ここのつ Kokonotsu)
Aliases: Rein
Age: Unknown
Species: Android
Birthplace: Jingle Village
Birthday: May 23rd (Gemini)
Gender: Male
Blood Type: None
Height:  6’1” (185.4 cm)
Weight: 212 lbs (96.16 kg)
Android Nine 9zwzyb
Android Nine MadaraBioTabUchiha_zps4c2ce95e
Affiliation: The Kais; Jingle Village
Character Level: Grade 3
Title: Travelling Swordsman
Occupation:Tournament Fighter
Economic Status: Middle-Class
Base of Operations: Kai’s Planet
Former Affiliation(s): None
Android Nine MadaraBioTabUchiha_zps4c2ce95e
Appearance/Notable Features: Nine is mainly known for the way that he presents himself while he is in combat; if he is wearing his haori, then he will tuck his left arm into the front, making it appear as though his arm is in a sling and will only remove it from this position when he deems that the individual is either on equal caliber or above.  Other than this he is known to have dark brown eyes, shaggy but short dark brown hair that seems to never be tamed a claw-like scar on his face and a unique tattoo on his back that is in the shape of a dragon wrapping around the sword that he personally wields and around it is an old saying written in Kanji; “The Legendary Spirit (伝説の霊 Densetsu no rei)”

Personality: Nine is a creative, level-headed, meditative and perceptive individual that just so happens to be a strong and effective leader, who will do his best to keep others under his watch alive and well; it is because of this that he does his best to conceal his true emotions from others as it allows him to make sure that he seems strong in every waking moment, while deep down he may be freaking out over a stressful situation or broken from a sad moment.  When it comes to combat though, Nine has taken it upon himself to never deny a challenge, alongside this he refuses to coat his blade in any form of poisonous substance that may hinder his opponent’s ability to fight to their fullest and will display courage at every second.  Outside of combat it becomes obvious that Nine has spent some time in places that were incredibly boring as his past time seems to be training his body to its maximum, going as far to push his body so far that he actually passes out from the intensity of the work out.  Unlike his deceased brother, Hitensuke (Android 10), he does not spend his time searching for different types of philosophical theories or ways to explore life, he is a warrior at heart and that is where he has found his joy, so instead of finding friends at the library or at any other form of a bookstore, he will do so on the battlefield, where an individual’s personality is truly revealed.

Relatives: All Androids that has a model number such as 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10 (and all the other numbers) are actually close relatives to Android Nine.
Android Nine MadaraBioTabUchiha_zps4c2ce95e
Physical Capabilities

Swordsmanship: Master~ The day before that Nine was fully functional, the scientist of Nine downloaded a plethora of swordsmanship styles into his “brain”, doing so allowed him to study the masters of each craft and give the android the belief that mastery in swordsmanship is only obtained by masterful skill in the blade above all else as the blade is a testament to the wielder’s power and determination.  Nine’s master over the blade is so vast that he is able to draw his blade, slice an opponent down the middle with incredible strength, speed and precision and place the blade back into his scabbard before they are even able to realize the movement has occurred and that is only scratching the surface of his skill.  

Hand to Hand Combat: Expert~ Even if the Android does not have his blade on him or does not believe his opponent is worthy of its use, then he is easily able to take on multiple armed opponents that can either be smaller, the same or many times his size with relative ease, it is also said that a single strike from him feels similar to that of an anvil being tossed right at you.

Aura Color: Blue

Light Release Effect(s): If Nine is releasing enough Ki to be visible, then it will take the form of a transparent-blue hue across his skin with a thin column of wind swirling around his body and small streaks of lightning generating from his body.

Full Release Effect(s): On full release of Nine’s Ki, the sky itself begins to grow dark and a column of wind that acts like a vortex will appear, if an individual stands still for too long near the column, they will feel as if all oxygen is being taken away from their lungs and if they manage to get as close as five feet then it is possible that they will be struck by lightning and receive intense burns.

Misc Abilities: Immense Strength, Immense Speed, Immense Durability, Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Ki/Energy, Undetectable Ki/Energy.
Android Nine MadaraBioTabUchiha_zps4c2ce95e
Cannon Techniques

Innate Technique Name: Ki Absoprtion
Innate Technique Description: Similar to other Androids in existence, Nine’s creator developed him with a way to absorb energy into himself from ki/energy based attacks fired from his opponent, to do so he simply generates a barrier similar to the one known as “Android Barrier” and allows the strike to take him head on.  Upon impact the barrier will absorb all of the energy and either redirect it a few seconds it was sent at him or simply keep it in reserve, allowing Nine to draw from it and actually speed up the process of any powers requiring a charge and the stronger the technique, the stronger the charge.  As of right now, there is no known limit to how much energy can be absorbed at once, but it is important to note that during the time he has the barrier up, he is still vulnerable to physical attacks, though he is able to easily counter this by quickly switching it with the base barrier.

Technique Name: Ki Sense
Technique Description: Due to Nine having at least some organic parts added onto his skeletal body, he is able to train himself in order to sense the location, life force and power level of anyone that is able to naturally release Ki, the stronger and closer one is to Nine, the more powerful the sensation is.  If an individual has Ki that is extremely powerful, then it can be sensed from afar by anyone who is trained and after years of training, it is safe to say that if Nine ever temporarily needed to go blind, he would be able to use his Ki Sense to fight in the same way as if he was using his eyes.

Technique Name: Flight
Technique Description: Nine is able to achieve flight by constantly releasing his Ki from underneath him in a similar way of an engine or helicopter pushing air down to rise from the ground, doing so Nine is not only able to fly, but he also has the capability of levitating in mid-air.

Technique Name: Portal Creation
Technique Description: Through the use of magic, Nine is able to activate one of his signature techniques “portal creation”, by using these unique portals, Nine is able to attack his opponents in a close-range manner even though there is a considerable distance from himself and his opponent; if an opponent also tries to harm him with a projectile, whether it be energy based or physical, he is able to open up a portal that redirects said attack in any direction that he pleases.

Technique Name: Clone Creation
Technique Description: Cloning is much different than the Afterimage Technique as the clones are actually physical, not just imprints left by speed, but unlike most people who use this ability, Nine is able to do so without going through the whole “power-up” phase and is simply able to split his body into four separate entities in seconds.  Other versions of this technique usually deals with the user losing power after dividing into four, but after perfecting the ability, he is able to divide himself into multiple forms and not lose any power, meaning that each clone has equal ability, skill and strength as the original.

Technique Name: Android Barrier
Technique Description: Nine creates his android barrier by doing a somewhat advanced version of Ki manipulation that is done by compressing energy around his point of being to the point where he is hermetically sealed so that nothing more than voices (in an atmosphere) or low energy photons such as visible light can pass through it.  Nine uses this ability by placing a near-invisible layer of the energy barrier on the surface of his skin that is strong enough to withstand nearly all physical attacks and even magic to a strong degree; to “add insult to injury”, Nine is also able to keep this barrier up throughout the fight as if it was a passive ability due to him constantly outsourcing the required energy for the barrier.  If push comes to shove, he is able to exert a large amount of energy into the barrier and pull off outstanding feats such as managing to survive the destruction of a planet (if he is in the cushioned blast radius) and possibly dodging high level attacks.

Technique Name: Metal Manipulation
Technique Description: After spending extended periods of time within the Kai’s Planet, Android Nine has discovered how to utilize their metals to their maximum potential, allowing him to telekinetically/mentally manipulate them in a variety of ways.

Android Nine MadaraBioTabUchiha_zps4c2ce95e

Yokou (夕明り Lingering Light) is considered to be Nine’s primary weapon, which can be seen as ironic considering that he is only willing to draw this blade against a select few opponents who he deems worthy of an “Honorable Duel”; it is also due to this thought process that he keeps the blade clean of any substance that may force the battle to go into his favor, such as poison. In terms of appearance, Yokou is shaped like a basic katana with a handle that has nothing more than a weaving of black and gold threading, which the black completely lays over the gold threads, until they begin to form diamond patterns on each side of the hilt. On the bottom of the handle is the Kashira, which is Gold in color, but dangling from it is a black chain that is about a foot in length and other than decoration, there is no known use for it. Moving towards the tusba, which is a circular black guard with gold decals for design, these decals depict Kanji letters that each represent the previous owners of Yokou.

Android Nine MadaraBioTabUchiha_zps4c2ce95e
Custom Techniques

Technique Name: Storm of Holy Swords (성검의 폭풍)
Technique Description: Utilizing a variant of “Magic Materialization”, Nine is able to create as many swords as he is able to command via telekinesis out of thin air, these swords are special though as not only are they able to cut through some of the most durable material on the planet, but they act as catalyst for other techniques.  By using his “cloning” technique he is able to duplicate each of these blades by four and by using his Sengakuji with his swords, he is able to make them either intangible or simply teleport them from one location to another in a near instant; these are just two of the many options to come for this ability at the moment.

Technique Name: Ray of Judgement (裁きの光明 Sabaki no Kōmyō)
Technique Description: In an instant, Nine is capable of creating powerful bolts of blue lightning that is made up from his ki, due to this the electricity they carry is much more potent than a real bolt of lightning, if an individual was to be struck with a single bolt, then they will more than likely feel constant shocks to each of their pain receptors, which will undoubtedly render them either stunned or completely paralyzed depending on how much stronger Nine is than the opponent.  Without aid of other techniques, he is only able to produce the lightning from points on his body, such as the fingertips, palms and even his eyes, but he is also able to utilize this technique in various ways whether it be mixing it with other techniques, forging weapons from the bolts, or simply releasing discharges of energy that are capable of also creating an intense shockwave similar to thunder.

Technique Name: Sengakuji (泉岳寺)
Technique Description: When Nine opens his portals, he is actually opening gateways to a separate dimension.  During battle he is able to transport himself to the dimension for a moment before exiting back to whatever location he pleases as a form of teleportation.  Alternatively, Nine is able to temporarily transfer all of his body parts into the Sengakuji dimension and while his body may remain visible to those around him, his body will become intangible and allow him to pass through all attacks and terrain, but it is important to note that he is unable to deal damage to others during this time.

Technique Name: God Hand (ゴッド・ハンド, Goddo Hando)
Technique Description: Unlike Namekians or Majins who have a natural regenerative ability, Nine must go to the lengths of reversing his body’s personal time to make sure that all damage that he might have took previously in combat is simply wiped away in an instant, even missing body parts will simply re-appear in this moment.  The only downside is that he is not able to do this multiple times per battle, meaning he must only use this technique when he needs it the most in battle, which proves that this can be both a strength and a weakness.

Android Nine MadaraBioTabUchiha_zps4c2ce95e
Biography:  A year and a half ago Android Nine woke up from a coma-like sleep, during this time someone or something managed to wipe his memory banks and the only thing he is able to truly recall in great detail or incredibly nice women at the hospital who tended to Nine during his sleep.  Once he was able to leave the Jingle Village “Hospital”, he began travelling the world looking to find the strongest fighters that there were, eventually he met up with one of the famous “Kais” and while they did not fight, it was obvious that the two of them in battle would be a spectacular sight.  While others may search for the knowledge of how they were created or who they were before the event, Nine discarded that train of thought altogether and moved on to become a better fighter as combat was instinct and so it is impossible to take that away from him, or at least that is what he prays in his mind.
Android Nine MadaraBioTabUchiha_zps4c2ce95e
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