Dragon Ball Limit Breakers

Dragon Ball Limit Breakers is a Xenoverse Style T-1/Novelia level Roleplay that allows you to transcend the barriers, whether or not your goal is to simply survive in this new world or write your name in history as a legendary God.
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 Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations Custom10
We do follow strict Roleplay guideline such as T1 or Turnbase. that being said we have changed some rules such as these:

It will not be necessary to post your weapons at the ready if they are on your bio and apart of your custom wear. Any additional item must be in the starter post. Also in your starter post, if your new or it's requested you may post your bio if you want (or someone could just look you up)

General Rule Play Rules
Character Information: Use what's on your bio. you can reference the dragon ball wiki. What is on your page is on your person at all times unless you state otherwise in your post. This is to cut down on typing length and make it convenient for everyone.

No God Moding: God Moding is evading every attack that is thrown at you, being invincible, immortal, and not taking any damage. Characters are going to take damage at some point you aren't unstoppable. To void this we are doing a three dodge rule which is make it to where you are allowed three dodges if they are all successful before you are forced to either block a hit or to allow yourself to get hit. If you allow yourself to get hit you are allowed to write it as an attack grazes you or something else to give minimal damage so long as you write it properly.

No Auto Hitting: Auto Hitting is exactly as it sounds; do not state that an attack actually hits an opponent.  

No Meta Gaming: Meta Gaming would be taking information that is OOC (Out Of Character) and placing it into the knowledge IC (In Character.) (This means no mind reading abilities are allowed.)

Everything you get in the roleplay must be in character. No new Tech, skills, perks, abilities should not be done out of char. If it is, then it will be voided on sight.  If you do not make them train then they will not grow. If you are gone for over a month without notification, then your character will be made dead or 'Retired.' We are highly understanding so long as you NOTIFY US.

Death and Leaving Combat: When you are in a combat situation and you no longer want to fight, you need to understand that you MUST write an exit post and tell the person your fighting. They don't have to oblige to you wanting out unless its a spar because no one just ups and leaves a fight. IF YOU RUN FROM THE COMBAT SITUATION, you MUST, take the hit of your opponents attack in there post prior, so if they break your arm, then your arms were broken. If you got shot in the leg then you got shot. If its not a spar you can die...simple...that being said if you do die you can continue to rp the character in hell or other-world.
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Rules and Regulations
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