Dragon Ball Limit Breakers

Dragon Ball Limit Breakers is a Xenoverse Style T-1/Novelia level Roleplay that allows you to transcend the barriers, whether or not your goal is to simply survive in this new world or write your name in history as a legendary God.
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"Interesting. "

Name : Yuko Bo
Name meaning:
Nickname: Yuko, Thorne
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Weight: 104 pounds
Race: Demon/Majin (not buus race)
Place of birth: demon realm
Summary: Born into a wealthy family in the demon Realm Yuko is the daughter of the current reigning Makaishin, dark Supreme Kai, having fought for most of her life, she was infuriated when she was denied the rank of Supreme Kai. Feeling almost entitled to the rank, she has ventured out into the regular realm in order to become the new Supreme Kai. After becoming the Supreme kai she wishes to unite both realms and defeat her father once and for all.

Relatives: Goka Bo (father/ Makaishin)

Personality: Yuko is typically calm and collected, almost predatorial in nature, she is seen as a masterful strategist. However, this is a front to hide her enormous ego and bratty alter ego. When enraged her alter ego manifests and she becomes almost unhinged and berserk.

She is very entitled and as such she will pursue her ambitions to any extent. Sometimes the thing cause her to get into random scenarios, even though she isn't normally the first to initiate. She can become very stubborn and hot headed, when things don't go her way, this can make her irrationally act upon foolish Ideas.

Physical appearance: Yuko is a athletic, curvy, female with bright yellow horns and a pale complexion. She has dark blue hair with dark colored eyes and a full face. She typically wears a  blue summertime kimono over blue athletic wear, what is tight fitting complete with dark colored boots.

Long Term Goals: Become Supreme Kai, Make the Dark Dragon balls, Kill the Makaishin.

Notable weaknesses: Strong mental states can break out of her manipulation and even control their majin state. While weaker wills are more susceptible to being slaves at her command.

Affiliation: demon realm
Level: 3
Level points: 15000
Combat Style: While in combat Yuko uses a various amount of combats styles including Systema,Karate, Boxing, and a unique form of portal combat she intergrates into her attacks.

Weapons: A Knife, horns, and a wooden staff with a dark crystal ball and brass ends.

Ki type:  Dark Energy- Dark Energy is a form of demonic ki, which is Sinister in feeling and presence, this energy naturally fuels the demon Realm and is present within majins and demons. Dark energy is said to be corruption incarnate, capable of corrupting those around it and those in contact with it; within the Demonic Realm those who use it are capable of taking on new corrupt transformations.

Yukos dark energy is a unique form of dark energy found within her bloodline. Those who possess ki are capable of creating portals and pocket dimensions. Using these portals as tunnels do you use a is capable of long-distance travel, interdimensional travel, and unique portal combat. It must be noted that each portal is still made up of dark energy, thus those who come in contact with a portal will slowly become corrupted, while those who enter the portal or a pocket Dimension linked to one of the portals are more susceptible to becoming a Majin version of themselves the longer the remained trapped.

Techniques and Powers:

Level 1:
Basic Portal creation:
Yuko has the ability mainfest various portals at will--some of these portals are used for different tasks other than combat. Typically a portal created is bluish in tint and possesses two points Point A and Point B; point a typically acts as the entrance, while point B acts as the exit. Each portal has his own pocket dimension which links point a and point B like a oneway tunnel, this means an individual cannot exit through entrance portal nor can they enter through the back side of an entrance portal. Portals are one way only and when viewed from behind are unseen. It is possible of creating double-sided portals and portals that can be entered through the back side once the skill has been completely mastered.

Storage portal:
Storage portals are portals Yuko can assimilate at will. These portals are typically used for storing items and belongings. However, yuko can store herself or other people was in the portal. These portals appear and a greenish tint and the pocket Dimension link to them is typically seen as having a green sky, blob like creatures floating around, and a floating platform at it's center. The platform stores items while the blobs store bodies, because of the unique makeup of the dimension individuals inside including the user cannot perform techniques. The only way to leave the dimension is through a door, which leads to demon realm, found on the platform.

Shimmering light:
The user creates a orb of artificial moonlight and projects into the air. When the orb gets to the user's desired height of elevation it emits a blinding bundle of Moonlight that blinds all who stare at it. This can also trigger great ape transformations in saiyans.

Level 2:
Multiple portal creation:
A more advanced version of portal creation multiple portal creation allows the user to create various portals a various sizes and shapes to combat opponents. These portals act the same as they do in Portal creation, but they have more violent pocket dimensions. By creating various portals the user can eject creatures, weapons,energy based attacks, and even seal people inside.

Depending on the amount of portals created this technique can become very taxing. However, the pocket dimensions exist autonomously as such it only taxes the user to create the various entrances and exits.

Basic portal barrier:
Yuko creates exit portal (point b) and shapes it into a spherical form around herself. Then she operates in the pocket dimension that has formed around her. Because the portal on the outside is an exit and not an entrance attacks and attempts to enter are rebounded. The portal is extremely durable being able to take up to level 5 attack before breaking.  techniques similar to the kai kai will still operate the same, however, because only yoku can enter the barrier the pocket dimension is great to place for her to recharge or absorb dark energy.

Dark Ki blade:
Yuko forms a blade out of dark energy, the blad varys in length and can be used to pierce enemies. Yoku uses the unique properties with dark energy to inflict more pain on to the enemy and cause physical rot to occur. Thanks to dark energies natural ability to corrupt users she can influence those who have a piece by the blade mentally to make them do things they wouldn't normally do. The Blade is capable of piercings defenses equal to or below the characters over-all level.

Being in close proximity to the blade can cause ominous clouds to form, a chill to set in, and contact with the energy can cause the opponent to slowly become Majin as they are influenced by yokus dark energy and personality through corruption.

Level 3:

Dark Ki Blast:
Yoku forms a ball dark energy, which she then charges and fires at the opponent. Users hit by the technique will suffer damage and Corruption. Depending on how long the attack has been charged I use a hit by this technique can become fully corrupted and under the control of Yuko. This technique is capable of destroying stones and buildings.

Dark Prism:
Yuko creates a prism made out of dark energy by projecting beams of energy through portals placed in a square formation,  the beams then act as pillars, while the energy then connects forming walls. Those trapped inside of the prism will begin to slowly be corrupted and experience mental torment as illusions are casted upon them.

Dark Crystal Ball clone:
Yuko uses a Dark Crystal Ball to visually see the battlefield. Unlike a normal crystal ball, which can detect people and their ki, this Crystal Ball only sees malice and negative Energies. Then using the crystal ball Yuko can project ki into the battle in the form of a clone.

Battle Transformations:
Darkness demon: By absorbing kili (battle damage energy) or dark energy from a battle or the demon realm, Yoku is capable of amplifying her powers by one whole level. In this form she takes on a blue steel skin color,  black armor, and long black hair. Her horns grow in length and she is capable of advance speeds and dodging abilities.


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