Dragon Ball Limit Breakers

Dragon Ball Limit Breakers is a Xenoverse Style T-1/Novelia level Roleplay that allows you to transcend the barriers, whether or not your goal is to simply survive in this new world or write your name in history as a legendary God.
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 Tak Sagara

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Basic Info


Takimiya "Tak" Sagara


Tak, the witch of Namek, the Green Saiyan


Half Saiyan(49%) , half Namekian (51%)


Appears female but is biologically sexless.


Unknown [appears 20]


Tak Sagara 3128ujc

Personality Traits
Tak is a sadistic snark with an insatiable love for chaos. Always seen with a smirk on her face and a quirk in her brow, there's very little that she doesn't find humor in. And more to it, there is yet any crime that Tak would deny doing. And because of her career as a criminal, her sense of morals are constantly in question and her only concept of loyalty is by personal or monetary gain. If there is one thing that Tak would be remembered for, it's her laughter. With the power to laugh practically any planet into crumbling by her giggling decibels, Tak's dark sense of humor has made her powerful in more ways than one. However, when you are generally hated by the masses, it's hard to have a more human side, and as such, Tak is quite distant toward the few who might want to get close to her. In her mind, there is no such thing as friendship, or love or affection. There is only favor to be gained. However, if one is patient enough to persist, her soft side can sometimes be seen when she is not on Namek.


"I'll do whatever you want me to...for a price."

If part of an organization or military possibly also rank

The Planet Conqueror's Guild

Tak Sagara 11t1ils

Having grown up on Planet Namek, Tak was raised both in secret and plain sight. After many failed years of her scientist mother trying to crossbreed with her Namekian lover, she had been born to much controversy with many people disgusted and disapproving of her conception. That being said, the first part of her life was spent indoors, away from people and children her age. However, after the invasion of a certain galactic tyrant that resulted in the death of her father and eventually, her mother's, Tak was put into her uncle Kodo's care. Unfortunately, Kodo was among the people that saw her as an abomination against nature with a burning hatred for Saiyans. It had only been the love he had for her father, his eldest brother, that he agreed to raise a young Tak alongside his own son, Kakko. But a fierce warrior with a stone cold heart, Kodo reared the two by way of setting them into the wild as animals to be hunted. The conditions were harsh, the food was sparse and the beatings, abuse and atrocities came in abundance.

After years of torment and exploitation, the Namekian civil wars and learning to fight against a man that only sought to kill her eventually, Tak finally cultivated an aptitude to survive and to fight. But after a race-crippling war of asorbption, a serendipitous run in with some foreigners, and an unlikely alliance, she would finally leave Namek. Off of the green rock that is Namek, Tak is currently experiencing an ongoing culture shock of new races of aliens and planets while she kills and pillages her way to something...new.

Tak Sagara Whdvgn

Combat Info

Tak is a very talented and meticulous tank that constantly switches up how she fights. In a generic fighting scenario though, she often follows the concept of Vitality over Violence and is notorious for eating high amounts of damage to successfully pull off a few but extremely potent attacks to finish off her adversary. For more challenging foes, Tak is more inclined to fight and toy with her opponent to bring out their own true colors in how they fight.


Jeweled dagger with the ruby-eyed head of porunga. Has a special latent ability that has yet to be learned or honed.

Paleo-Saiyan armor [stolen]

Because of her unique mixing, Tak is an excellent psionic bloodmaker. While she was not able to inherit the coveted ability to ascend as a super Saiyan or even with her dominant genes to become a super Namek, she was gifted with a unique regeneration ability. Not unlike a normal Namekian that can regrow amputated limbs, her body can repair and regenerate damaged or lost tissue on a cellular level down to an anthropological state. And similarly to a Saiyan, upon taking a certain amount of damage, her abilities and stats get a slight boost through this process. This is due to an overabundance of DNA that developed a hybrid mutagen through Tak's nociceptors that ultimately does not release endorphins from pain or trauma, but rather creates them through absorbing impactful energy. This accounts for why her body ripples from traumatic contact which is the result of her system reversing the effects as opposed to sending out a palpable warning as is the case with most humanoid breeds.
The rate of this hyper-healing is entirely dependent on the severity of the trauma received, Tak's stress level, newness of the attack itself, and physical kinetic contact versus raw energy. Small, superficial wounds can healed within nanoseconds, while a devastating penetrative blow to the core can take several minutes. Tak's psychological state will also greatly influence the potency of her healing since she must will the initiation of it every time. Any sort of trauma she has previously experienced will speed up the process as new occurrences will require more time. Lastly, a direct hit from anything ki/energy based will be healed and absorbed faster and more abundantly whereas physical trauma inflicted from hand to hand fighting, weaponry, breaking the skin, etc will take longer and absorb a minimal amount. Of course, this special ability isn't infinite, but as long as she has the will and energy to power the healing, she can take fatal hits. Any skills outside the norm, like absorbing energy, psychic abilities, etc

Microbiotic Sensing: Given the constant jump from planet to planet, Tak's long term exposure to atmospheres of different planets, galaxies and gases has granted her with an intrinsic sensitivity to direct and indirect stimuli. While by default a hypsersensitive reception to sight, sound and touch is genetic from her Namekian heritage, she is currently learning to refine it to smaller, fainter scales. That, however, is entirely dependent on dermal memory and or gaseous stagnance. But in most cases, Tak's senses are highly above average and superior to that of even most Nameks. Through space travel and staggered mythridatistic training, Tak is able to breathe in, listen and feel just about anything and differentiate on a more microscopic level.

Prehensile limb extension: Like most Namekians, Tak is able to stretch and or shrink her limbs to all sorts of heights and lengths. Even though this ability is genetic and not ki-based, she can only stretch up to two limbs at a time at a distance no farther than 100 meters.


Sigma: Joining the fingertips of her index fingers and thumbs to form a triangle between her hands, a line of electric ki manifests from the union. The triangle starts out small between her hands but as it spins it begins to increase in size and takes form as a pyramid. The pyramid of energy continues to spin with such rapidity it blurs into a sphere [about the size of a beach ball] that Tak shoots at the target. Upon making contact, the ball explodes into dozens of shards that fall to the ground, which then explodes in an uprise of multiple beams. Takes four rounds of prep time, and can only be used once per battle.

Character Level
Level 2

Character Level Points

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Tak Sagara
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